About Charles

Charles Adler is a 40+-year radio and television broadcast veteran, who’s career has seen him tour Canada working in Montreal (CJAD), Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto (CFRB), London, Hamilton, and Winnipeg (CJOB).

In the U.S.A., Charles hosted a nationally syndicated radio show out of Tampa, hitting more than 120 markets, and a nightly primetime television show out of Boston, for which he won a Best TV Host for New England Emmy.

Charles has hosted national radio and television programs in Canada, including Global Sunday for Global TV, The Charles Adler Show on the Corus Radio Network, The Charles Adler Show on SiriusXM Canada, and Charles Adler on the Sun News Network.  Charles has made numerous appearances on Canadian national television news and current affairs shows and he has also guest hosted in the U.S.A. for Sean Hannity on Fox News Channels’ television show Hannity and Colmes. Charles' articles have been published in Sun Media papers across Canada, and he was a regular columnist for the Winnipeg Free Press. 

As a voice talent, Charles has narrated documentaries, corporate videos, and has voiced radio ads for national and regional campaigns.  

Charles was presented a Key to the City of Toronto in 1998, and is a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal recipient. Charles received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Radio Television Digital News Association in May, 2017.

What People Are Saying About Charles:

There are people out there who hew to conventional wisdom and follow the dictates of political correctness. Charles Adler is not among them. For longer than he would care to admit, Chuck Adler has been mixing it up, on radio and television, offering his two cents worth and more on the important issues of the day. His perspective is invariably rooted in Canadian common sense and delivered in a style that would never be described as timid or diffident. You always know where Chuck Adler stands, even if you don’t agree with him.  – Brad Wall, Premier of Saskatchewan

"A man that speaks from the heart and with conviction. Thank you again Charles for being the voice of reason!!" - Dan Schroeder via Facebook

"I go on Charles’ show far, far more than I go on any CBC radio show – because he reaches real people." - Warren Kinsella, www.warrenkinsella.com

"You never fail to get people talking or thinking. You do news and you do it well." - Tracy via Facebook

"If you’re in the PMO and keeping tabs on what Canadians think, you’re paying attention to Adler" - John Doyle, Globe & Mail

"You are truly a master of words." - Jan via Facebook

"The most powerful... radio I've ever heard. Honest, emotional and inspirational." - Joe Warmington, Toronto Sun

"Thank you very much for your voice on the issues we are faced with in this difficult world. You are a shining light." - Keltie via Facebook

"The most intelligent voice on radio in Canada today." - Anne via Facebook

"If you’ll permit I’d like to share a listener’s perspective ‘about Chuck’. When you hit the airwaves in Calgary way, way back I thought “Who the hell is this guy?? He’s so loud, so boisterous, so in your face!”.  I didn’t like you.  That sentiment lasted for two days. On day three I really listened and fell in love with your passion, your honesty, your range of conversations.  From that day forward I listened every single day no matter what – working, on the bus or in the car, working out, cleaning the house, in the kitchen, bathroom or garden – didn’t matter, When it was Chuck time it was not to be missed.  I’ve carted around and wrecked more radios than I care to admit but no matter. I’ve laughed heartily, cried mightily and cared deeply because of the ‘stuff’ you put out there.  You’ve made me a better person, you’ve pushed me forward to reach out to volunteer, to go places I never would have ventured, to speak out, to care. My kids grew up vicariously listening to you (lucky them) and they love you.  They know there’s something ‘about Chuck’.We have corresponded over the years and you’ve always taken the time to personally respond.  That, too, is something ‘about Chuck’. It’s more challenging these days getting opportunities to listen to you but I grab every opportunity whether (mostly) online or on my pocket radio such as it is with its duct taped together condition. So, Charles, if new online followers or listeners are wondering if they should give you a listen the answer is yes,  Because, indeed, there is something ‘about Chuck’. - Mary Ann in Calgary, via charlesadler.com