Photo from Twitter - Edmonton Journal

I thought I would be killed, especially when I awoke from a very tentative sleep with a gun to the back of my head and the clicking sound of the hammer as the trigger was pulled. There were no bullets in the gun and he laughed hysterically. He beat me. He raped me. And then he threatened that the next time there would be bullets, and he would kill our daughters first to hurt me and then kill me. I knew it would be just a matter of time before he followed through on these threats." - excerpt from transcript of New Democrat MLA Maria Fitzpatrick's speech in the Alberta legislature.

Those were just some of the words in a speech that lasted 6 minutes. The fastest six minutes ever, because we were hanging on every syllable. Maria Fitzpatrick was motivated to speak out in a Canadian Legislative Assembly in Edmonton, Alberta. She was holding a newspaper in her hands while offering her intensely personal story. A series of articles in that newspaper motivated her to come out of her personal dungeon. On the night of November 17th on our SiriusXM show we aired Maria Fitzpatrick’s 6 minutes speech and then spoke to the journalist who wrote the series that gave Fitzpatrick the courage speak out. I am inviting you to listen to the speech, followed by the conversation with Jana Pruden of the Edmonton Journal, on the link below. It’s unforgettable radio. Then please listen to my interviews with MLA Maria Fitzpatrick and Len Rhodes, CEO of the Edmonton Eskimos.  They share their personal expeirience with domestic abuse and explain why they have spoken out.  Please listen and share. To read the Edmonton Journal piece written by Jana Pruden, "Domestic Silence: Meet the faces of abuse" please click here.