Luck is Not a Strategy.

Choosing not to see what we see, doesn’t make us Canadian. It makes us spineless, defenceless and ultimately complicit. When I read the ramblings of the various soft headed pundits offering every kind of excuse for those who would want to bring our country down I ask myself, "Do these writers indulge in 'root cause' analysis because they want us to understand? Or is it more about distracting us from what we honest, mature Canadians do understand?"

I cannot tell you how many people in this country want to murder the Corporal Nathan Cirillos.  But I cannot sit here as someone who has the privilege of having access to so many Canadian eyeballs and say nothing about this. Here’s what I do know. The one and only reason we lost only one Canadian on Parliament Hill on October 22nd was luck. Yes we had people with some armed professionals in the House of Commons, including and especially Kevin Vickers who disposed of the threat with his side arm. But he and everyone else involved in security admit that we as a country were very lucky. It could have been much worse. We owe it to Cpl Cirillo’s family and every other Canadian family to NOT allow luck to be our strategy in defending our country. We also owe it to every Canadian family to not shield murderers by irresponsibly tossing around the term
“mental illness.”

Everyone in my life knows how seriously I take the term mental illness. My father, technically doesn't have mental illness. But his mental faculties are not what they once were. He has Alzheimer’s. I cannot think of a single family who isn’t touched in some very personal way by mental illness. Everyone knows someone who is dealing with some kind of mental illness. There is no need to stigmatize and exploit those who are suffering and the families of those who support them, by tagging terrorists with the term mentally ill. Very few mentally ill people threaten our society. Very few have the motivation to become followers of a filthy foreign ideology which wants to terrorize our people by destroying our pillars of our civilization, with the objective of making us slaves to an Islamist dictatorship.

If you are looking for a definition of terrorism, the events of October 22nd in Ottawa give you one. It is all about using violence to generate a climate of fear to advance a political objective. We saw the violence and the fear. And we know the assassin was supportive of the political ideology known as Islamism, or radical Islam. We can spend time learning about his life, his criminal past and his addictions. But we cannot lose any time in creating a climate of enhanced security. We owe that to all the Nathan Cirillos who stand on guard for us. We owe to them to keep them as safe as possible from the cowards who want to take them down, with the deluded objective of some day taking down our entire country.

Let's not pretend that the assassin on October 22nd was incapable of knowing what he was doing when he allowed himself to be "inspired" by "Islamist" websites encouraging followers to murder soldiers. The assassin 3 years ago ( and as you can tell, I choose not to glorify these people by using their names. I know you know who we are talking about) asked a BC judge to put him in prison so that he would be forced to stay away from drugs. A psychiatrist examined him and told the judge "I am unable to find any features or signs of a mental illness and although he seems to be making an unusual choice this is insufficient basis for a diagnosis of mental disorder." The assassin had made a series of bad choices in life. But that doesn't mean he mentally incompetent. He made a very bad choice on October 22nd, and now we Canadians have a choice to make.

Let’s choose courage over cowardice. Let's allow ourselves to see what we see, and not pretend we're seeing something else. Let’s stop stigmatizing genuinely mentally ill people. Let’s stop using mental illness as a shield for murderers and terrorists. Let’s stand with the Corporal Cirillos and all the other Canadians in uniform who “stand on guard for thee.” Let's tell each other the truth and not allow ourselves to be spun by the politically correct spinners who wish to distract us from doing what we must to keep our people safe.