My Latest Conversation with my bud Theo Fleury

Charles Adler & Theo Fleury

Last year at this time, Theo Fleury released his new book Conversations with a Rattlesnake. Who is the snake I wondered? Who is the real Theo I wondered? We spent an hour together with open microphones and it got to the point where it wasn’t me interviewing Theo - we were engaging each other on the issues that matter most to human beings. It was the kind of conversation you never hear on radio. Nothing self-conscious, nothing refined, nothing softened. It was raw conversation and neither of us had dry eyes at the end of it.

The audience response was electric. People told us they had been hanging on every word. Everyone was grateful that Theo was willing to share as much honesty as they had ever heard. People listening in the cars wouldn’t get out of their cars before they heard me say “I love you” to the guy I refer to as my “baby brother,” and hear him say the same to me. In the most recent interview, our first on SiriusXM, we picked up from where we left off. But the tone was lighter and easier and we had more fun, especially when the subjects of baseball and country music came up. Theo’s just recorded an album and, as he is with everything he does in life, he was all in.