PTSD - Heroes are Human

Photo source - Tema Trust

I could give you statistics on how many suicides we have every year in Canada alone among first responders, firefighters, paramedics, police officers and military members. It’s well over 100. But that number only tells part of the story of how and why PTSD affects those who don’t get the "bad news" filtered on TV or radio: they confront it in person, and in many cases, their minds never let go. Anyone who says people who do this work sign up for this and so they just need to suck it up, has no idea of what it’s like to be on the front lines of real trauma and real carnage. One of those who has informed my audiences for years is Vince Savoia, a former paramedic. He is the one responsible for carrying the message Heroes are Humans coast to coast and for getting help to many first responders before it’s too late. His organization is called Tema Trust in honour of a young woman named Tema Conter who Vince could not save, no matter how much Vice and his crew wanted to. PTSD is something we need to talk about and do something about.  For more information and to find support, please visit  - CA

Please listen to my conversation with a great Canadian who I am proud to call a friend, Vince Savoia.

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