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Remembrance.  I was honoured to be joined by some remarkable Canadians to pay tribute to those who have served, and those who have paid the ultimate price for doing so, on behalf of Canada.  Our special guests included Lloyd Jones, 92-year-old decorated WWII veteran; LtCol Steve Gallagher, MMM, CD, MSM (US), Chief of Staff, 38 Canadian Brigade Group; Wayne Mac Culloch. Maj (Retd), National President of the Canadian Association of Veterans in United Peacekeeping; Michael Czuboka, author, who served with 2PPCLI in Korea and was present at the Battle of Kapyong in 1951; Anthony Wilson-Smith, of The Memory Project; & celebrated singer John McDermott. I thank them all for sharing their memories and thoughts so openly with us.  

I encourage you to listen to their words by clicking on link below.  I am posting some personal thoughts I shared at the start of the program. Please share your thoughts with me by tweeting them to @charlesadler or by email to [email protected] - CA


It is hard for me to forget the scenes from last year of the Dutch showing gratitude to our Canadian veterans for liberating their country 6 decades ago. It is hard for me to forget my grandmother’s words to “thank every Canadian who wears a uniform for what they did to liberate Concentration Camps during the 2nd World War”.

My maternal grandmother, while only skin and bone, was liberated in the nick of time. My paternal grandmother was not as lucky…. She didn’t survive long enough to be rescued. My mother and father remained alive because they were rescued by the team that won the most important contest of their generation, and because of that both sacrificed and won, I am alive today. How do I express gratitude for my own existence, my own chance at having life? How do I thank those beautiful human beings who wear Canada on the sleeve?

By remembering.

I am Charles Adler, a son of survivors. But without sacrifice on the part of many, there can never be survival on the part of some. Thank you Canadian Forces for the lives of my parents and the grandparents of yours truly, and so many others who are listening to these words.  The two hours special show is devoted to remembering those who cannot be with us right now. They have gone to their graves doing the most noble of deeds in defense of democracy, liberty, and ultimately, life itself. How do we show gratitude to the generations that came before ours?  By making sure our generation and our children’s generation remembers. We are not here to glorify war. We are here to sanctify life and to remember those who were willing to give up theirs so that others could be free to create a better world.

We were told today that no country in the world has more personal freedom than Canada. We pay tribute to Canadian Forces Veterans with what they have told us is history’s valuable currency – Remembrance.