Image - Daily Mail Online

Rima Karaki wasn’t just representing herself when she cut an “Islamist” hate preacher down to size. She represented all of us who have incurred the wrath of Islamists simply because we don’t share their beliefs.  The Lebanese anchorwoman tried to have a civil conversation with this so-called scholar. He made three serious mistakes if he thought he was going to be able to hijack the interview and fly his own agenda at the expense of her audience.  1) He went into long rambles having nothing to do with the questions being asked. 2) When she tried to get him to focus on the subject she was probing him about, he objected in a cowardly way, implying that her questions were not relevant. 3) He went on to assert that she was irrelevant, and that it was beneath his dignity to be interviewed by her because she was a woman. And so she then let him have it. I want you to watch the video posted below so you get the full flavour of what went down. You can read an article about this here.

Wouldn’t it be a good thing for this world if more journalists did precisely what this woman did - challenge the fanatic and let him know who the boss is. The boss is the public. It’s inspiring for me to see a media person representing the public by not allowing herself to be abused by a tyrant who just wants to impose his beliefs with no intention of having a real conversation. He showed his true colors when he said it was beneath his dignity to be challenged by a woman. You can bet he would feel precisely the same way if he was challenged a growing list of humanity that Islamists feel superior to. That list would include Christians, Jews, Gays, secular Muslims, and others. Being deferential to or passive to people like this “scholar” only empowers them. Kudos to Rima Karaki for standing up for herself, for freedom of speech for all of us who are targeted by “Islamist” fanaticism.