The Truth about Peshawar

Let’s tell the Truth about Peshawar. Tahira Kazi was the principal who was set on fire by the sick bastards who killed her in front of her students and then killed more than 100 of her students. We, free people, must never lose to these forces of darkness, no matter how reprehensible their behaviour. We must be vigilant in every way possible -every way.

Let’s not parse words, mince words, or lie. There are people in this country who root for those who burn school teachers and shoot their students. If the subhumans who mass murder the innocent are most intimidated by education, then what we need in Canada is more education. If the subhumans are most intimidated by democracy, we need more democracy. And if the cowardly subhumans are most intimidated by the courage of free people, than we must have more courage.

In the name of Tahira Kazi and every other human being who has been sacrificed at the altar of tyranny, let us pledge to never pretend we do not see what we do see. Let us never pretend not to know about what we do know. Our most important weapons against the darkness are who we are, what we believe, and what we are committed to as free people living under the rule of law in the greatest country on earth, Canada. Tahira Kazi, May your Rest in Peace.

-Charles Adler